Introducing a New Luxury Vehicle Subscription Service from Cadillac

Be among the first to experience this exclusive new program that offers more possibilities for luxury drivers.

Experience a New Way to Drive a Luxury Car

Book by Cadillac is a service like none other. Simple, flexible and personal, it offers you a Cadillac on your own terms so you can spend more time enjoying the drive.

A Simpler Way to Get Behind the Wheel

No need to worry about insurance premiums, taxes, maintenance or mileage restrictions and no long-term commitment.

A More Flexible Way to Drive

Access to the latest top of the line Cadillac vehicles, plus the ability to exchange vehicles up to eighteen times per year.

A Dedicated Concierge At Your Service

Enjoy the services of a concierge who will manage the delivery experience for you, as well as be on hand if you have any questions or issues while driving.

Be One of the First to Experience Book by Cadillac

Now is your chance to be part of a unique program that changes the way you drive a luxury car. There are a limited number of subscriptions available for the Beta launch in the NYC area, so do not wait. Join the waitlist now for an opportunity to experience it.

How it Works

You can enjoy the Book by Cadillac service with a few simple steps.


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Top Questions

Becoming a Member

Book by Cadillac is a monthly subscription service that gives members the opportunity to have one Cadillac in their possession at all times and the ability to exchange vehicles among a predefined set of vehicles as their needs change (for example, access to a large SUV for vacation or access to high performance cars for a thrilling weekend experience.). In short, for a single subscription, members have an entire garage of Cadillacs at their disposal. Requests for vehicle exchanges are made through a mobile application. Confirmed reservations will prompt a Concierge to deliver the desired vehicle to a member, on a specified day and time, subject to Book by Cadillac’s hours of operation, service delivery rules and vehicle availability.
To be eligible, you must:
  • Apply and be approved.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Possess a valid U.S. state-issued driver license that is not suspended, revoked or restricted (see additional details below regarding international driver licenses)
  • Meet the eligibility requirements
  • Accept the Member Agreement Terms and Conditions
  • Accept the OnStar and Sirius XM Terms and Conditions and OnStar Privacy Statement.
Book by Cadillac reserves the right to decline membership or terminate membership at any time, at will.
Book by Cadillac will review all applicants’ submitted materials as well as driving records before approval can be given. Book by Cadillac will aim to approve new members within two days but in some cases it may take longer. You will be notified of your application status throughout the process.
Your Book by Cadillac subscription includes the following benefits.
  • 18 vehicle exchanges within 12 months of initial signup.
    • Unlimited mileage
    • Access to Book by Cadillac's fleet of high-end luxury vehicles, based on availability.
    • Access to the CTS V-series for up to 5 days per usage, based on availability.
    • Insurance
    • Routine maintenance and repairs.
    • Vehicle registration costs
    • OnStar, Sirius XM, and 4G LTE, and
    • State and local taxes
Yes, insurance coverage is included for members. Members will be responsible for a deductible up to $750 in the event of an accident that results in damage.
While we try to have toll transponders in each of our cars, members are responsible for all toll costs that are accrued during a reservation.
Members are responsible for parking fees including meters, garages and parking tickets.
You are responsible for legal infractions. If we can, we will redirect the violation to you. If we can't redirect it, we will pay the fine, along with any late fees and bill the total to your account. A suspension to your subscription can result from unpaid fines, so please pay the ticket when you get it.
Members pay for their gas. Since Book by Cadillac offers unlimited mileage, we leave it to our members to determine what they spend on gas instead of adding a set charge into your monthly subscription fee. Please return your vehicle with the same amount of gas with which it was delivered which is usually ¾ of a tank. In situations where the vehicle is returned with less than that amount, we will charge you market rate plus applicable taxes to fill the tank to ¾.
  • Escalade
  • XT5
  • CT6
  • V-Series
***Limited availability and constraints may apply to the use of these vehicles and the length of reservation. V-series are available March-October, assuming road conditions are favorable.
The New York Metropolitan area is our first market. We anticipate expanding our service into other markets in the future.
No. Subscription is month-to-month and members are free to cancel at any time.
As a Book by Cadillac member, you have access to events through our network of partners and sponsorships. Members are notified of event opportunities, and if an event is limited, tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Book by Cadillac reserves the right to end any membership at any time, in its sole discretion without advanced notice. Examples of potential policy infractions that could result in termination include, but are not limited to:
  • DUI
  • Reckless driving
  • Negligent damage to the vehicle
  • Non-payment of subscription related fees or charges
Your privacy is important to us. To learn more about how General Motors LLC (“GM”), collects, uses, shares and secures your information we obtain about you when you use the Book by Cadillac website, download the Book by Cadillac mobile application to your phone or other Internet-connected device (your “Device”) and when you use the services available through the Book by Cadillac mobile application (collectively, the “Book by Cadillac Services”), please visit the Book by Cadillac Privacy Statement for further information.
Book by Cadillac aims to protect your information and will not sell your personal data provided in connection with the Book by Cadillac program.

Getting Started

Yes, there is a one-time initiation fee of $500 that will be added to your first month’s payment.
Your Book by Cadillac subscription includes the following benefits:
  • 18 vehicle exchanges within 12 months of initial signup.
  • Month-to-Month membership
  • Unused exchanges are non-refundable
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Access to Book by Cadillac’s fleet of high-end luxury vehicles, based on availability,
  • Access to the CTS V-series for up to 5 days per usage, based on availability
  • Insurance,
  • Routine maintenance & repairs
  • Vehicle Registration costs
  • OnStar, Sirius XM, and 4G LTE, and
  • State & local Taxes
You will be able to view available vehicles in the fleet on the mobile app. Once a vehicle is selected members will be able to select a desired delivery window. A Book by Cadillac team member will call or text to confirm your reservation
After sign up, if you are accepted as a member, you will be invited to participate in an on-boarding call to provide details of the program and answer your questions. During that call, our advisors will communicate with you about selecting your first vehicle.
Eighteen exchanges per year are included in the membership.
We will make reasonable efforts to provide members with requested vehicles, but all exchanges are subject to availability and therefore are not guaranteed. If your selected vehicle is unavailable, we will try to replace the vehicle with a comparable model.
Members may have possession of a vehicle for up to 30 continuous days and may renew for another 30-day period, until you elect to exchange. Restrictions apply to the V-Series in both availability and length of reservation.
Due to high demand, we limit the amount of time you can keep the CTS-V up to 5 consecutive days. This is to allow everyone a chance to try it out.
We offer V-series as part of the vehicle choices March-October when road conditions are favorable for driving.
Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS are both compatible.
There are no mileage restrictions when you are a Book by Cadillac member.
You can cancel at any time, however, please note that you will not receive a pro-rated credit for the month of cancellation. Cancelation request must be received at least 3 days prior to the end of the billing period which begins on the day of your enrollment.
Once an exchange has been scheduled, the Concierge delivery driver’s contact information will be provided.
Members can only have one open reservation at a time, in addition to the vehicle in their possession.
Yes. You decide the end of your current reservation by booking your next exchange.
Yes. You may cancel a future exchange, as long as the vehicle you were intending to give up has not been reserved by another member.

About Book Vehicles

All Book by Cadillac vehicles are well equipped. In addition to a detailed vehicle with a three-quarters tank of gas at delivery, you will have access to On-Star* services, Sirius XM and unlimited 4G LTE + Wi-Fi Hotspot**
* Visit for coverage map, details and system limitations.
**Requires a compatible mobile device, active OnStar service and data plan. 4G LTE service available in select markets. Visit for coverage map, details and system limitations. Data plan provided by AT&T
You can choose either automatic or manual transmission for our ATS-V vehicles. All other Book vehicles come with automatic transmissions only.
Of course. However, please pair your phone prior to driving the Vehicle. Also, our vehicles come equipped with Apple® CarPlayTM1 and Android AutoTM2, so you can project your phone’s content (music, contacts, etc.) within the Vehicle.
1The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth® SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by General Motors is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
2Vehicle user interfaces are products of Apple and Google and their terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible smartphone and data plan rates apply.

Driving The Vehicles

The Concierge Delivery Coordinator will conduct a complete review of your vehicle. If you have any concerns or need a new vehicle, Book by Cadillac will work to resolve the issue.
You are responsible for tolls and gas. An EZ-Pass reader is provided in the vehicle for your convenience. We will add any charges incurred to your account.
Only authorized drivers are permitted to drive the vehicle. You can request an additional driver from your household be added to your membership. They will also need to submit an application and meet all the eligibility requirements, including having a valid driver’s license. The review process is the same as for new members and approval may take two days or more.
Yes, Roadside Assistance is available by pressing the OnStar Blue Button located on the overhead console.
Yes, but pets need to be crated at all times while in the vehicle.
You are responsible for any driving or parking fees, or violations while in possession of the vehicle.
No. If you smoke in any Book by Cadillac vehicle, you will be subject to both a fine and potential termination of your membership.
You can drive your vehicle anywhere in the continental United States.
We will do a complete inspection of the vehicle before you drive off in your new car. If we happen to miss something, we will make arrangements to return your personal items.
You are responsible for any tickets received while the vehicle is in your possession.

You should push the red button to speak with an OnStar Emergency Advisor who will request information about the accident.

In the case of an accident within the delivery radius, Book by Cadillac will make a reasonable effort to retrieve the vehicle and replace it with a comparable vehicle from the fleet. Book by Cadillac cannot guarantee that the equivalent model and model year vehicle will be delivered, but will make reasonable efforts to deliver the same vehicle, if that is your preference. That exchange will be not charged against your annual balance.

If the accident happens outside of the delivery radius, OnStar will coordinate a tow truck, if appropriate. A replacement vehicle from the fleet will not be available for delivery, however, reasonable efforts will be made to secure appropriate transportation.

In case of a confirmed accident, you will be responsible for a deductible up to $750.

You are responsible for paying any fines and retrieving the vehicle during your possession of the vehicle.
Immediately contact the appropriate law enforcement authority and then contact Book by Cadillac for further instructions.
Book by Cadillac vehicles may only be driven in the continental U.S.
You will be alerted of any maintenance needed on the vehicle. We will schedule a vehicle exchange, without charging an exchange credit. You will have the opportunity to get the original vehicle back once maintenance has been completed.

Vehicle Delivery

A Cadillac Concierge will deliver the vehicle on your specified day and time within Book by Cadillac’s hours of operation and delivery radius.
New York: All five boroughs of New York City, Nassau County, Westchester County, Rockland County, and parts of Orange County, Putnam County, and Suffolk County; New Jersey: Hudson County, Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County, Union County, and parts of Morris County, Somerset County, and Middlesex County. Connecticut: parts of Fairfield County.
You can schedule vehicle delivery and exchanges during four time frames i) morning (8am – 10am ET), ii) late morning (10:00am – noon ET), early afternoon (noon – 3pm ET), and later afternoon / evening (3pm – 8pm ET) Monday – Friday; and morning (10am – noon ET) and afternoon (noon – 3pm ET) Saturday, subject to availability.
Every car delivered will be detailed and include three-quarters of a tank of gas.
License plates are tied to specific vehicles and cannot be swapped between vehicles due to insurance and registration restrictions.
You can modify your scheduled exchange up to 24 hours before the reservation is scheduled to begin. Within a 24-hour window of the reservation, you will have an exchange deducted from your annual total of 18 exchanges per year.
Absolutely. We welcome and encourage your feedback and can be sent by contacting a Book by Cadillac representative at
Please notify your Concierge immediately and we will make reasonable attempts to get you the desired car as soon as possible. If the mistake is Book by Cadillac’s, you will not be charged with an exchange credit.
We are working on allowing members to visit our Book by Cadillac garage to exchange vehicles if it is more convenient, however, this is not available at this time. You will be notified when this option is available.
If for any reason the Book by Cadillac Concierge does not deliver your vehicle or delivers it late, and does not provide adequate advance notice, please contact a Book by Cadillac Representative. We are aiming to include a real time delivery tracker in the mobile app to track your requested vehicle until delivery.
No – you must be physically present at the time of the exchange unless specific arrangements have been made with your garage and Book by Cadillac representatives
You are not expected to tip your Delivery Concierge.

Insurance and Damage

As part of your membership, Book by Cadillac insures vehicles driven in accordance to your membership agreement. Auto liability coverage is provided at $100k per person / $300K per accident / $50k property damage per accident. We provide basic state limits for personal injury protection (PIP), and uninsured and underinsured (UM/UIM) coverages.
If any damage occurs to a Vehicle while in the members’ possession, and that damage is covered by Book by Cadillac, then member will be responsible for paying for repairs up to a $750 deductible. Please see your membership agreement for full rights and responsibilities.
Book by Cadillac insures all program vehicles. You should consult your own insurance policies to determine whether you have additional coverage.


Contact a Book by Cadillac Representative at
There is a one-time initiation fee of $500.
You can cancel your Book by Cadillac membership at any time by contacting a Book by Cadillac representative at
Final bills will not be prorated.
We accept automatic payment from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
You may request payment invoices, which can include payments made, exchanges used, and exchanges remaining.

A Low Gas Charge: if you return a Vehicle with less than 3/4 tank of gas, we will charge you the nearby gas rate plus applicable taxes to return the vehicle to ¾ of a tank.

Reservation Changes: You can modify your scheduled exchange up to 24 hours before the reservation is scheduled to begin. Within a 24-hour window of the reservation, you will have an exchange deducted from your annual total of 18 exchanges per year.

Tickets/Violations: You are also responsible for paying any parking tickets and moving violations incurred during your reservation.

Insurance Deductible: Up to $750 to cover the costs related to an accident.

Cleaning Fee: If you return the Vehicle in an excessively dirty state due to smoking or pets or other usage beyond reasonable regular usage, there will be a cleaning fee of up to $150 plus applicable taxes.

Tolls: While we try to have toll transponders in each of our cars, members are responsible for all toll costs that are accrued during a reservation.

Contact Us

If you need to contact your Concierge at any time on the day of your scheduled delivery, refer to the delivery notification sent to you 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery. This note will contain the name and contact information of your delivery Concierge.